Thursday, February 2, 2012

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There's a lot of strange fruit out there.

So you wonder if there’s any blogging going on in the IP world? It doesn’t take long to answer that question. There are some very impressive articles and brief updates being pumped out by savvy attorneys. The nature of the world wide web is to be ridiculously massive, so no-one can hope to give an accurate overview of all that is out there, so here I offer just a very few personal favourites and some interesting stuff I’ve stumbled upon. If you know of any other great IP blogs, do leave a note in the comments.

The IPKat

Jeremy Phillips and his team of bloggers give loads of juicy content about all aspects of IP: copyright, patent, trade mark, info-tech and privacy/confidentiality issues. And quite a few cat jokes. Get your European perspective here. Also includes links to other IP blogs in the sidebar.

The Trademark Blog

For a US perspective, and plenty of regular short updates on what going on in the trademark universe, Marty Schwimmer is your host.

The TTAB Blog (R)

John Welch “keeps tabs on the TTAB” in the US with this blog, commenting on recent US decisions of the Trademarks Trial and Appeal Board.

Anticipate This!  (TM)

If you like a little patents with your trademarks, try Jacob Ward’s blog, from Ohio.


Here’s a blog from a London firm - nice content, but getting a little out of date. One of the pitfalls of blogging - your blogger needs to be passionate about regular communication.

Bay Oak Law

And here’s a personal favourite: the blog-style web page of Bay Oak Law of Oakland, California. The blog posts make the whole page vibrant, up to date and interesting.

IP Komodo Dragon

And from South East Asia, this great one from Nick Redfearn at Rouse & Co.

Looking fresh and on top of things is the name of the game. Give your readers - prospective clients all - a reason to return to your site, other than to look up your address. Keep them coming back with short, digestible, interesting snippets about IP and what you can offer.

Encourage them to join you in the conversation.

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