Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Blue

Baby Blue Ivy Carter: welcome

You may have heard - I must admit it passed me right by - that Jay-Z and Beyonce recently became the parents of a baby, whom they named ‘Blue Ivy’. In the wonderful world that is entertainment, this sparked some enterprising people to apply to register BLUE IVY as a trade mark. In response, the proud parents have filed their own application. One wonders what goods are specified. What is the classification for “babies” anyway? We may need another Nice conference to sort that one out.

I guess it could be argued that the mark is not being used in the course of trade when it has merely been applied to a baby. We can only assume that the happy couple plan to make a scad of money out of their tiny bundle, or the merchandising rights associated therewith.

Here’s a report on this baby business from CNBC  One breathless contributor speculates that BLUE IVY could become a brand for “fragrances, strollers or clothing” and earn “$5 million”. Indeed.

I checked on the USPTO database. The parents’ company has in fact filed for BLUE IVY CARTER, the child’s full name. The goods and services cover fifteen different classes, and range across the usual merchandising items for entertainers, with a definite emphasis on baby items. The services covered include live musical performances and fan clubs, so Baby Blue seems destined for a successful future.

As to the gender of Baby Blue, having missed the birth announcement, I had to do a little searching to find out.

It’s a girl.

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