What we do

Freeman IP is a consultancy working to assist brand owners and practitioners in the field of intellectual property: trade marks, copyright, patents and designs.

Our background experience includes providing advice on trade mark selection, protection, registration and enforcement, IP advocacy, teaching and training. Our skills include marketing, promotional and business development in IP, strategic planning, promotional writing, use of social media and vision for future business growth and excellence.

Can we use this to help you? What is your IP challenge? Tell us what you need.

Large brand owners and their in-house attorneys:

What’s the best way to reduce your IP spending but maintain a viable portfolio and strong supplier relationships?
Do you have issues managing your records or renewals?
Don’t have time to explore and develop your own network of trusted legal suppliers around the world?
Wondering about the value of attending IP conferences and how to maximize that value?
Just had a big corporate acquisition and need to sort out the acquired IP?
Could your brand managers benefit from a well-delivered and practical crash course on the legal side of branding?

Small and medium enterprises:

Just starting to develop your new brand and need some assistance?
Wondering what searching is all about?
Need to set up your IP systems and connect with good attorneys?
Is it time to move your portfolio out of the secretary’s diary and into a specialised IP records system?
Want to find the best renewals solution without being tied in to the one used by your attorney?
Need an IP Audit to find out just what IP you have, and if and how it should be protected?

IP attorneys:

Neglecting new business development and marketing?
Still sending out lengthy email newsletters that invite recipients to just press “delete”?
Think blogging is for amateurs but wondering if a static website is enough?
And what about Facebook and Twitter anyway?
Are your attorneys too busy delivering great work to spend time writing marketing material and on-line communications?
Are your attorneys new to the IP conference circuit and need some mentoring?
When that new client says “yes”, do you have clear and documented new business welcome procedures?
Is your product offering dynamic and responsive or the same old static list you’ve been offering for years?

These are just a few of the daily challenges you may meet -- your special issues might be different. Ask us if we can help. 

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